Clusty – it’s our future!

There have been many theories about the real meaning of and happiness in life. Wellbeing as a term has long been defined with economic therories focusing wealth, later on, Amaryta Sen rather centered the wellbeing around social values such as freedom, personal development and activities, an individual values and enjoys. The Clusty goes even further and defines happiness as the freedom of choice and function a person can choose, depending on various personal, sociopolitical and environmental conditions. In other words, wellbeing is a state of mind that makes us feel good because of physical and mental health, inner satisfaction, personal development and freedom of choice, social interaction and integration with humans and also animals, as well as financial stability and enjoyable environmental circumstances.

In times of a Covid pandemic, all over the world, peoples´ consciousness for health issues, the meaning of social relations, animals and pets, financial security, environmental and food supply sustainability have (re-)gained our focus. What in industrial nations has been neglected for many years due to exaggerated economical visions and goals, has suddenly become the most important thing of all: social happiness, health and freedom.

Clusty wants to make life more enjoyable by:

  • showing the newest trends in health, nutrition, anti-aging, financial security, environmental sustainability and more
  • engaging experts and researchers to discuss latest study findings and give personal recommendations
  • promoting our beautiful nature and endangered species
  • providing extraordinary services, products and social help
  • hosting events and panels with researchers and other experts